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Municipal Budget


Each year the District and Council create a balanced budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  The budget is known as the Annual Financial Plan and is approved by Council in the forms of a Financial Bylaw.  The Planning period for the Financial Plan must include the current fiscal year and the next four fiscal years (five-year plan).  In addition to the financial information, the plan must include objectives and policies for the fiscal year regarding distribution of the funding sources, the distribution of property taxes amongst the various property classes, and the use of any Permissive Tax Exemptions.

Once the Financial Bylaw or budget is approved, Council sets the Tax Rate Bylaw for the year to collect the funds necessary to operate the budget.  Approval of a budget is important as it helps cover the cost of operating and maintain our great indoor and outdoor recreation services and facilities, snow clearing, garbage collection and other public works services, and protection services such as our local fire department.

Municipal Budget and Financial Plans

2023 Annual Financial Plan Bylaw No. 936

2022 Annual Financial Plan Bylaw No. 926

2021 Annual Financial Plan Bylaw No. 920

2020 Annual Financial Plan Bylaw No. 917

Financial Statements

2022 Financial Statements

2021 Financial Statements

2020 Financial Statements

2019 Financial Statements

2018 Financial Statements

2017 Financial Statements

2016 Financial Statements

2015 Financial Statement

Property Tax Rate

2023 Tax Rates Bylaw No. 937

2022 Tax Rates Bylaw No. 927

2021 Tax Rates Bylaw No. 921

2020 Tax Rates Bylaw No. 918

Permissive Tax Exemption

2019 Property Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 908