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Author Presentation – Shane Peacock

Author Presentation - Shane Peacock

September 23, 2015

Author Presentation - Shane Peacock

This presentation is geared toward an audience of children in grades 3-6, but everyone is welcome.

Shane discusses why he thinks reading and writing are so exciting, how he learned that as a kid, how and why he became a writer, and the wild and crazy things he has written about. He describes how he came to write his award-nominated series "The Dylan Maples Adventures" the groundbreaking "Boy Sherlock Holmes" books as well as his books "Double You" and "Last Message" from the collaboration of seven popular YA authors in the "Seven Series" and "Seven Sequels". He has learned the arts of tight-rope walking, silent killing, trapeze flying, and sumo eating, all in the service of his art. He will give a short, dramatic reading, and fields questions from the audience.

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