COVID-19 Update from Mayor – Pool & Council Chambers


June 23, 2020

Office of the Mayor

Update #7

The District is pleased to announce that Phase III COVID-19 recovery efforts continue to move forward with opening of the District of Hudson’s Hope Outdoor Pool on Monday, July 6th and Public Access to Council Meetings effective July 13th.


Opening of Outdoor Swimming Pool (July 6, 2020)

Re-opening of Council Chambers (July 13, 2020)


Council Meetings will be held in the Community Hall to ensure the 2-metre safe social distancing guideline is adhered.  The first Council Meeting at the Community Hall will be on Monday, July 13th at 6:00 p.m.  Copies of the agenda will be posted on the District website by July 10th and can be accessed at:

In terms of re-opening the pool, there are some important changes that patrons will need to be aware of.  COVID-19 safety precautions will need to be followed to ensure safety of District Employees and Visitors to the pool.  These safety precautions include limiting the number of patrons in the pool to a maximum of twenty-five (25).  The complete Guidelines for Access to the Swimming Pool are attached as well as a pool schedule.  For a copy of the District of Hudson’s Hope Swimming Pool COVID-19 Returning to Safe Operation (Recovery Plan), please visit the District’s website at:

Please continue to contact me or any member of Council with any questions or concerns that you might have regarding the District’s response to COVID and any additional activities that we might undertake.

Your sincerely,

Dave Heiberg

Guidelines for Access to the Swimming Pool

Public Access – Residents

To reduce exposure to employees, the following guidelines apply to the Swimming Pool during the pandemic.

  1. Do not access the building if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and painful swallowing.
  2. Public access to the pool is limited to a Maximum of 25 users at any time for Family Swim or Public Swim. The maximum number of people for aquacise is eight (8), For lane swimming, the maximum is four (4).
  3. Public must follow signs and new procedures, or they will be asked to leave.
  4. The Public are requested to sanitize their hands upon entering the Pool Building.
  5. Where possible, the Public is asked to pay pool admission fees by debit card to avoid the use of money.
  6. After a person leaves the counter area, the person next-in-line must wait until called as staff will sanitize the area and equipment (debit machines) after each use.
  7. Change Rooms and lockers are closed. Pool users can store personnel belonging (i.e., packsacks, shoes, etc.) on the pool deck.
  8. Showers inside the change rooms are closed. Pool users are expected to use the shower on the pool deck and must shower prior to entering the pool.
  9. No personal floatation devices allowed in the pool (includes water-wings). Lifejackets are available for use.
  10. No personal pool equipment allowed in the pool (i.e., snorkel, flippers, flutter-boards, etc.). Personal googles are acceptable.
  11. All users must leave the pool when it is closed for cleaning. This occurs approximately every two (2) hours.
  12. When leaving the pool, users are to Exit through one of the two gates located on the pool deck. The door at the front of the pool is for Entering only.
  13. Washrooms are open to the public.
  14. If the maximum number of customers are in the pool, please wait outside and respect proper social distancing.