Mayor & Council


District of Hudson’s Hope Council is comprised of a Mayor and six Councillors, elected for four year terms. Municipal Councils are elected by the people and make decisions on behalf of the residents of our municipality.

Meet our 2022-2026 Council members:

Mayor Dave Heiberg

Dave and his wife, Laurinda, moved to Hudson’s Hope in September of 1980 to accept a high school teaching position. Dave immediately fell in love with this small northern community and the lifestyle it has to offer. Dave and Laurinda have raised four children here, two of which are still living and working in Hudson’s Hope. Over the years Dave has been a very active member of the community as a coach, paramedic, fire fighter, and a member of the Community Hall Society.

Councillor Travous Quibell

My parents moved to Hudson’s Hope when I was just one year old, and both my brother and sister were born here. I graduated from Hudson’s Hope School in the summer of 2000, and set out to pursue an education in Biochemistry at UNBC. It was at UNBC that I met my wife, Nerissa Foster. After we married we moved back to Hudson’s Hope together and purchased our first home, a small trailer and lot, and made ends meet working in the community. I helped to operate a successful retail business with my good friend Ryan Herbison for some time, and Nerissa worked at a local restaurant first as a helper then eventually a short order cook. During this time I also began my career as an elected official, running in the regular election of 2002 and taking a seat as a town councilor.

When the opportunity arose to take on an apprenticeship with BC Hydro both my wife and I jumped at the opportunity, however it meant that I would have to leave the community that I grew up in once again – possibly for the long haul. My apprenticeship took me to Vernon BC, where my Daughter was born. As fate would have it, after I finished my apprenticeship as an area dispatcher a position in my trade happened to open up in Hudson’s Hope. During a Christmas visit in 2006 to see my family here I interviewed for the position, and in the blink of an eye found myself back in my home community.

Having been back in Hudson’s Hope now since 2007 my family has grown substantially. I now have four children, my three sons having all been born in the peace region. I have managed to run successfully for re-election to town council, serving continuously since my return to the Hudson’s Hope. I am involved in the Peace Region Internet Society, at present sitting in the seat of President, and have recently become a member of the Lions Club of Hudson’s Hope.

Councillor Kelly Miller

Kelly and his family moved to Hudson’s Hope in 1974, settling on Beryl Prairie. He has served on the boards of the Hudson’s Hope Fall Fair, RTS, and the Music Festival. Presently he is the Council Liaison for the Library and the Museum boards, as well as a member of the Parks and Recreation, and Tourism Committees. Councillor Miller lives and works in Hudson’s Hope, and his hobbies include gardening, music and the arts, as well as doing local charity work. Kelly has worked at the Hudson’s Hope Health Centre with Northern Health for the past 19 years. A proud native of B.C., Kelly is honored for the opportunity to continue to serve his community.

Councillor Tashana Winnicky

My family has deep roots within the community. I grew up here, I have two beautiful children here, and extended family living within the community. Hudson’s Hope has shaped me in so many ways, that I look forward to giving back to our amazing community and it’s people.

I went to the University of Northern British Columbia for a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries and have worked in the industry for 11 years. I currently work as an Environmental Scientist and Registered Professional Biologist at a consulting firm (Matrix Solutions). I have worked in data collection, analyzing information, project management, and team coordination. I have plenty of experience that I plan to bring to the table on behalf of Hudson’s Hope.

My goal on council is to see my community and all who live here not only have their needs met but to thrive. To help support local services, I have been involved with the Hudson’s Hope Public Library board for six years including being the Vice President. My husband, Trent Winnicky, volunteers on the Hudson’s Hope Fire Department as a Captain. I support him and our valued emergency services provided in our town.   I want to keep the wholesome parts of our community while supporting the maintenance and growth of our medical services, community infrastructure, and opportunities for residents.

Correta King said, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” I want to lend a voice and a hand for Hudson’s Hope, because I believe if we can raise each other up, we will all reach great heights together.

Councillor James Cryderman




Councillor Tina Jeffrey








Councillor Debbie Beattie

My name is Deborah Beattie but everyone calls me Debbie. I have been married to my husband Dennis for 46 years. We have raised our family in the Peace region. We now have three grandchildren and one great granddaughter. We have lived in a sub-division of Hudson’s Hope called Beryl Prairie for a little better than 17 years. I grow a large garden on our 40 acre hobby farm, which we also have a couple of horses with the cows we have over the summer. I have been very actively involved in the community during these 17 years as a caterer, bus driver, served on many different boards, co-owner of the RV park, manager of the Paquette apartments.

I am committed and looking forward to serving on the Council of Hudson’s Hope, along with the rest of the team. I have always lived in a rural part of the Peace Region, which I hope will help serve me when representing the rural constituent’s  interests along with the urban.  Hudson’s Hope is one of the best places to raise a family or retire in.