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District of Hudson’s Hope Council is comprised of a Mayor and six Councillors, elected for four year terms. Municipal Councils are elected by the people and make decisions on behalf of the residents of our municipality.

Meet our 2022-2026 Council members:

Mayor Travous Quibell

Living in Hudson’s Hope has never been a question for me. Like many I have spent time living in other communities throughout


the province, exploring work and educational opportunities and making many friends along the way. I grew up in Hudson’s Hope and have built a life and a family here. It excites me to see so many of the people I grew up with returning to this community to put down roots. Indeed, many of my extended family continue to call Hudson’s Hope their home.

As an avid volunteer I have spent a great deal of my time with our Local Lions Club, I have enjoyed the personal reward that come from giving my time to enrich Hudson’s Hope. I love to host Karaoke nights in my shop, enjoy the outdoors and the recreational opportunities that my community offers, and spend some of my free time operating a small business out of my home.

New opportunities to grow present themselves to us every day, my recent election to the office of Mayor is just one such opportunity. I look forward to the opportunity to share my love of Hudson’s Hope, and my volunteer spirit, with everyone.


Councillor Tashana Winnicky

My family has deep roots within the community. I grew up here, I have two beautiful children here, and extended family living within the community. Hudson’s Hope has shaped me in so many ways, that I look forward to giving back to our amazing community and it’s people.

I went to the University of Northern British Columbia for a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries and have worked in the industry for 11 years. I currently work as an Environmental Scientist and Registered Professional Biologist at a consulting firm (Matrix Solutions). I have worked in data collection, analyzing information, project management, and team coordination. I have plenty of experience that I plan to bring to the table on behalf of Hudson’s Hope.

My goal on council is to see my community and all who live here not only have their needs met but to thrive. To help support local services, I have been involved with the Hudson’s Hope Public Library board for six years including being the Vice President. My husband, Trent Winnicky, volunteers on the Hudson’s Hope Fire Department as a Captain. I support him and our valued emergency services provided in our town.   I want to keep the wholesome parts of our community while supporting the maintenance and growth of our medical services, community infrastructure, and opportunities for residents.

Correta King said, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” I want to lend a voice and a hand for Hudson’s Hope, because I believe if we can raise each other up, we will all reach great heights together.

Councillor James Cryderman

Councillor Cryderman was born and raised near Muskoka, Ontario.  He moved to Hudson’s Hope in 2008 to begin a career with BC Hydro where he currently works as the Sr. Construction Manager and Team Lead for Northern Stations.

He has contributed to numerous non profit organizations over the years including The HH Lions Club, The HH Rod and Gun Club and HH Minor Hockey.  For 12 years he was an active member of the Hudson’s Hope Volunteer Fire Department where he retired from his role as Captain to support the community through municipal council.

James has 3 young children who reside and attend school in the community while also taking part in the various activities Hudson’s Hope has to offer.

Councillor Tina Jeffrey

I was born and raised in Hudson’s Hope and have had the privilege of experiencing the special uniqueness that growing up and living here brings. Connection, community, life long friendships, natural experience, wild play and care for and from others.

I have lived in other communities while going to school and building my career with BC Hydro. I have perspective from different communities on what makes them great and what we could use here.  In school I studied Project Management, Power Engineering and Provincial Instruction Diploma Program as well as completing Minerva Women Leading the Way Leadership Program. Despite my search for a new home over 20 years, I never found another Hudson’s Hope.  In 2020, my family and I made the best decision to move home and gift our child with small town living, spontaneous adventure and this amazing community.

Growing up here was made possible by people gifting their time and energy to the next generation and caring about our future.  My goal on council is to give this back to our children and seniors by being involved and serving my community as best I can now.  I have a broad range of experience, network and knowledge and care deeply about our people and our best future.

As a community, we have an opportunity to grow or go stale amidst a changing landscape.  I choose growth and want to be part of finding and implementing opportunities for us.  We are the Playground of the Peace, our history is rich and colorful, people want to be here, we know why it’s a great place to call home and its time we show others.

Councillor Debbie Beattie

My name is Deborah Beattie but everyone calls me Debbie. I have been married to my husband Dennis for 46 years. We have raised our family in the Peace region. We now have three grandchildren and one great granddaughter. We have lived in a sub-division of Hudson’s Hope called Beryl Prairie for a little better than 17 years. I grow a large garden on our 40 acre hobby farm, which we also have a couple of horses with the cows we have over the summer. I have been very actively involved in the community during these 17 years as a caterer, bus driver, served on many different boards, co-owner of the RV park, manager of the Paquette apartments.

I am committed and looking forward to serving on the Council of Hudson’s Hope, along with the rest of the team. I have always lived in a rural part of the Peace Region, which I hope will help serve me when representing the rural constituent’s  interests along with the urban.  Hudson’s Hope is one of the best places to raise a family or retire in.

Councillor Kari-Lea (KK) Charlesworth









Councillor Greta Goddard