Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for handling all of the financial affairs of the municipality. These responsibilities include: tax collection, accounts receivable and accounts payable, customer service, financial reporting to municipal departments and Council, and payroll. The Finance Department is also responsible for maintenance of accurate records and accounts of the financial affairs of the municipality, compliance with provincial reporting requirements, and ensuring investments of the municipality are made in accordance with provincial regulations.



Each year the District and Council create a balanced budget for the upcoming fiscal year. This includes everything needed to make Hudson’s Hope a great place to live. We provide and maintain great indoor and outdoor recreation services and facilities, snow clearing, garbage collection and other public works services, and protection services such as our local fire department.


Every municipality in BC produces an Annual Report each year to highlight accomplishments of the previous year, and plans for the upcoming year. The report also provides the audited financial statements of the previous year. Community members are invited to comment on the annual report prior to Council adopting the plan each year.

The District of Hudson’s Hope Annual Report is also a progress report card to the community on specific goals developed by the community and set by Council in the 2017-2020 Council Priorities strategic planning process.