Our Solar Energy




The unique, one-of-a-kind SOLAR WAVE is a sculpture with a practical purpose: to provide inexpensive solar electricity to the pool complex plus shade and shelter to those using the park area around the pool facility.

The final solar array for the Hudson’s Hope Solar Initiative, the amazing “SOLAR WAVE” is now installed at the Hudson’s Hope outdoor pool.



This CAD (computer aided design) image shows the SOLAR WAVE to scale as it will look when completed later this spring. Randy Haney, the owner of Red Weld Tec Ltd. in Dawson Creek has helped the Peace Energy Co-op team design the SOLAR WAVE using this advanced CAD computer design system.



The Hudson’s Hope SOLAR WAVE is now being pre-built at the Red Weld shop in Dawson Creek. Once completed it will be re-built on-site at the Hudson’s Hope outdoor pool complex this spring.













Welder/fabricator Dwayne Ross of Red Weld Tec Ltd. welds some of the curved steel support structures for the Hudson’s Hope SOLAR WAVE. Behind, Peace Energy Co-op’s Greg Dueck and Ron Moch of Moch Electric Ltd. keep an eye on things.




Our Solar Energy

The District of Hudson’s Hope has embraced solar energy like few other communities in Canada. Under the leadership of a progressive Mayor, Council and staff, more than 500 kilowatts of grid-tied solar PV now power nine municipal facilities, supplying from 50% to 100% of their electrical needs and saving the District millions of dollars over the coming decades. This makes Hudson’s Hope one of the most solarized communities per capita in the country, and demonstrates real leadership in electrical self-generation, sustainability and fiscal responsibility.

As well, a growing number of District of Hudson’s Hope residents have embraced the solar option, investing in their own solar power systems to achieve net zero electrical usage in their homes.

“When completed, this will be the largest municipal solar array in BC,” says Hudson’s Hope Mayor Gwen Johansson. “We are proud to be a leader in electricity self-generation, and appreciate the BC Hydro net-metering initiative that helps us achieve it.”     

“This project will reduce our Municipal District electrical costs for these buildings by an average of about 75 percent. It will also be a source of community pride and contribute to our long-term economic development. We are thrilled by the benefits that come with our move to a clean energy future.”

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