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King Gething Sani-Dump & Fresh Water Fill

Road Re-Pavement Thompson Subdivision

Proclamation – MS Awareness Month

Proclamation – Public Works Week

Tree Planting Rebate 2022

Tree Planting Rebate Application 2022

North East BC (NEBC) Alerts

Have you signed up for NEBC alerts? What is it?

NEBC alerts is a district-wide digital notification system that sends emergency alerts about evacuations, wildfires, flood events and more straight to your inbox.

When you register for an NEBC alerts account, you receive quick and accurate emergency notifications.

Residents can also opt-in for non-emergency news like water and waste station alerts and meetings near you.

How do I sign up? Signing up is easy and only takes minutes! Register for an account online or download the Everbridge app.

Click the link to get started:

If you have questions or concerns, contact the District Office at 250-783-9901.

2022 Fire and Rescue Recruiting

Emergency Support Services

Wildfire Preparedness Day



April 26, 2022

Hudson’s Hope Fire Rescue along with Hudson’s Hope FireSmart will be holding a Wildfire Preparedness Day May 7, 2022, from 10am – 2pm. This event will take place along Peck Avenue.

Throughout the day we will be demonstrating FireSmart techniques and mitigation strategies that dramatically improve wildfire resiliency.

Our theme this year is “PPE”, which stands for Personal Protective Equipment, a great reminder of the importance of personal safety when working with tools and machines. PPE also stands for PIZZA, POP & ECLAIRS, which we will be serving to the participants of the event. This is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY EVENT, and children are welcome. Also, there will be PRIZES!!!!

Call the District Office at 250-783-9901 or E-mail to sign-up. You can also sign-up a by scanning the QR code attached or click link:

Any questions and concerns may be directed to Brad Milton, Director of Protective Services at 250-783-9901 Ext 208.


Brad Milton
Director of Protective Services
District of Hudson’s Hope