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Dinosaur Fossils & Tracks

Dinosaur footprint at King Gething parkThe Hudson’s Hope area is one of the richest sites of fossils and dinosaur footprints in the world. The Hudson’s Hope Museum fossil display is one of the finest collections in the Peace River area.

In the summer of 2016, field work began on Hudson’s Hope’s newest attraction the Six Peaks Dinosaur Track Site. The site is located just west of Hudson’s Hope and consists of nearly 1200 dinosaur tracks from at least 12 different types of dinosaurs, including two dinosaur track types that have not been observed at any other site in the Peace Region and 30 ton sauropod tracks!

Gething Creek (24)

You can get a unique prehistoric experience to view actual dinosaur footprints at Gething Creek! To get to this somewhat remote area, take Canyon Drive west to W.A.C. Bennett Dam (22 km) across the dam crest, take main road (West Utah Road). At about 6.5 km along, the road becomes the Table Road, continue on Table Road until you intersect with Johnson Creek Road, turn left.  Continue 5.3 km to Gething Creek Forest Recreation Site. Access the creek where the tracks are viewed from both sides. Please be safe, rocks can be very slippery!