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Venture Beyond

Like many northern communities, the opportunities for outdoor pursuits in the District are endless. One of the most obvious you’ll notice just by looking at the landscape, or hear about when speaking to a resident, are the many beautiful hiking trails that span the region, and are just waiting to be explored!

Over the past 2 years, the District has ran a Summer Hike Series. Check out our events calendar to see what is being offered this year. Most people who have joined in on these hikes have not been on that specific hike before. They have the opportunity to explore the areas in a safe way, and build their confidence in their hiking abilities so they are more likely to come back to the trail on their own, with friends, or try a different trail with their newfound knowledge.

The District has utilized a grant from Northern Health to fund the mapping of 14 unique trails in the area, complete with elevation profile, trail directions, trail information, total return length, and permitted uses on the trail.

  1. 20 Mile Ridge Trail
  2. 500 Road / Powerline Trails
  3. Battleship Mountain Trail
  4. Bullhead Mountain Trail
  5. Butler Ridge Trail
  6. Dinosaur Lake Trail
  7. Dunlevy Creek Falls Trail
  8. Ferry Landing Trail
  9. Jamieson Woods Trail
  10. Moraine Road
  11. Ski Hill Trail
  12. Steam Vents Trail
  13. Wright Lake Trail
  14. Quad / Bike Trails

In this section you will also find information on the following parks and playgrounds: